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Sounds Funny Records is a record label for comedy albums.

Everything we do sounds good. Everything we do sounds funny

"[The Pathetic Gits] is like The Cure meets Kids in the Hall" ~ Chris A.

"Very impressed with Buck Fifty Sketch Comedy! The audio is on point and the sketches are all funny and cute" ~ Ari Q.

"This seems like a terrible time to start a record company but who knows?" ~ Queens County Clerk

Serious Gear (Circle B&W Logo).png

Get friggin' serious about your gear with reviews, tutorials, tips and insights about all things A/V.

"It's like Funny or Die but for audio people" ~ Samm Wich

"Oh I see - it's a joke" ~ Andrea B.

"I'm caught between laughing hard and being angry at seeing people mistreat equipment" ~ Reddit

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